Configure Firewall for XTAC

Here are the main informations to host an XTAC SERVER :

  • In the server interface you can see the IP the server has detected for your computer. That doesn’t mean it’s the address the others see your computer on Internet. If the computer is on a network then the computer’s Internet connection is most-likely going through a router or server that has a different IP address facing the outside world.
  • Choose a port then click on ‘Start’ button.
  • If your firewall asks about XTAC SERVER, authorize everything.
  • If not, you will certainly see the server doing something strange. To avoid this problem, open your firewall’s options and explicitly authorize the server to use TCP port 9801 (or the one you have choosen in the server interface) and TCP port 80 (HTTP). These ports must be opened, otherwise the server will not work at all.
  • If your computer is behind a router (like an Internet ‘box’) then you must route incoming connections to your internal IP (the one the server has detected) to the TCP port 9801 (or the one you have choosen).
  • Give your external IP address and port to your friends for them to join.

If you have any problem please let us know via comments.